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Poetry of silence

Text: Eva Gratl
Language: German

Pages 84

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Thaddäus Salcher

Peter Weiermair
Hardcover - March 1, 2010
Hardcover: 72 pages
Publisher: Folio; Edition: 1st
Language: English, German, Italian
Folio Verlag

ISBN 978-3-85256-512-5
ISBN 978-88-6299-020-2 (Italian)



A history of sculpture in South Tyrol / Tyrol / Trentino after 1945
Franzensfeste Fortress
by Peter Weiermair
Athesia Verlag

ISBN: 978-88-8266.799-3


Bishop Ivo Muser
What constitutes our faith
Hardcover: 104 pages
Publisher: Athesia; Edition: 1st edition (March 6, 2013)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 8882669556
ISBN-13: 978-8882669553
Publishing house Atesia Bozen


70 years / Anni Südtiroler Künstlerbund,
Dialogue workshop typesetting center Bressanone,

ISBN 978-88-88570-25-9

An overview of the most important publications

On this page you will find all the important publications of Thaddäus Salcher - professional sculptor, successful painter and renowned artist