2021 stone 250x120x120 cm


Thaddäus Salcher is a sculptor interested in capturing and producing simple, essential, large-scale forms which he casts in iron and stone. His sculptures, sketches and monochromatic paintings are embedded in a strong spirituality while making clear references to such as figures of 20th century art history, Mark Rothko or James Turrell, also alluding to european tradition of informal art. With a close relationship to landscape and an attentiveness to materials and forms, his work explores the constant interdependency and dialogue between figuration and abstraction, nature and culture, spirit and matter.
In his own words, "Works are like flowers and buds of silence that are standing still. In their solitude, a poetic magic in them and in the landscape is their home."
Sas Viv, L salvan and Spied dl' ana are three large sculptures made of porphyry, a characteristic stone of the Val Gardena in South-Tyrol. Thanks to a minimal gesture of the artist, these stones gain a figurative allure that ambiguously situates them between mountain and person, sculpture and rock, character and abstraction.